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GLM Enrichment Classes 

Discovery of Music & Spanish 

Lifase 2018 001.jpg

Ms. Lifase


Ms. Shirani 

All classrooms of Great Lakes Montessori gets to enjoy each day music class. In music, we discover music through songs, stories, things in practical life. In the Music Class, the children are exposed to different music of all genres and different countries.  In Music Class, the children learn musical notes, instruments, and rhythm  through various activities. We never end class without dancing away to brighten up the day. 

The Spanish class begins with Spanish greeting, prayer, and a greeting song all in Spanish. The children learn to look at the calendar, seasons, months, colors, shapes, and count in Spanish as well. During Spanish Class, the children begin to write words in Spanish by looking at a tangible object. We always use cards that have questions and answers to learn how to have a conversation in Spanish in a practical way. 

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