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Meet The Teachers

Based on the teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori, we know the Elementary years are a critical time for learning development.  The elementary years are when concrete thinking turns into abstract problem solving.


The pre-school years provided sensorial exploration of materials.  Now in the elementary years, the children will use the materials to understand how the world works.  For example, a child would understand the value of a number and it’s quantity and what it represents, rather than just counting it or writing the number.


The materials are used to explore topics such as grammar, division, fundamentals needs of man, the role of water in erosion and so many more.  


With the materials, learning is focused on the world.  The students acquire a mindset of thinking about things and figuring them out, rather than memorizing words or processes.


The children in the Montessori classroom have choices.  Since Dr. Maria Montessori acknowledged that there is no one-size-fits all curriculum.  Students are encouraged to be curious, and engage in their own learning.  We hope to instill the joy and love of learning in every child who attends Great Lakes Montessori.


Our Elementary school day consists of two 3 hour uninterrupted work periods instead of a schedule where activities constantly change.  This allows the students to engage in their works and focus on a task until completed.  This type of learning is more respectful to the child.


Our classrooms consist of mixed-aged groups.  This enables the children to learn from each other.  Instead of students competing against each other, they grow into a community and practice important social skills daily.  They learn cooperation and respect for each other.


In our purposely planned Elementary classroom, the teachers are guides, not lecturers.  They instruct individually to keep each child optimally challenged while supporting their blossoming independence and potential.  


Dr. Maria Montessori recognized that children in the second plane of development (ages 6-12), are at a sensitive period for moral reasoning.  The elementary Montessori program integrates character development and moral values.  We strive to empower our students to be pillars of our community by teaching them the importance of being a good humanitarian.  


By giving students the freedom and responsibility to direct their own learning, the children gain a sense of dignity in the classroom and feel respected by their peers and teachers.  


At Great Lakes Montessori Elementary students will learn language, math, science, geography, culture, history, sensorial, practical life, dramatic play and fine arts, as well as Spanish, as a second language.


*Pricing is subject to change; please contact our office for most current pricing.

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