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A church, a parent, and a teacher with a common desire to have a Christian school with educational excellence, all came together to form our school in the summer of 2004.

Stacy Reeves

Stacy 2018 001.jpg

How Long Have You Worked At GLM?

1 year

Favorite Part about working at GLM?:

I love working with the babies! they are so sweet, I love watching the babies grow and change and learn!

Why do you love Montessori education?:

Montessori education has the positive rather than negative message. I love how we convey positive messages like quote on quote walking feet and inside voices rather than don't run  and be quiet! also Montessori education and still Independence and self-esteem

Are You Certified?:

No, hopefully within the year I will be certified

What Classroom do you work in?

Infant room

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