These programs are designed to build a foundation for a life of creative learning. The Montessori prepared environment contains many activities from simple to challenging and concrete to abstract learning.  Activities are also taught that leads to the development of order, responsibility, concentration, coordination, initiative and independence. The main areas of this program are Practical Life, Sensorial, Math, Language, Dramatic Play, Geography and History. These programs are enhanced by activities such as, music, art, and culture. Children also obtain enhanced motor development, and creative self-expression along with other classroom experience.   Our Foreign Language Program is introduced to the students in these programs.  A total immersion Spanish class is a part of the curriculum at this level.  Children will attend Spanish class 4 to 5 days a week depending on their attendance program.

Self-esteem development and independence are the main goals of this program. A child’s sense of self grows as they react successfully with their peers and classroom activities. Children are encouraged to problem-solve independently. The teacher acts as a guide by presenting new activities, and by assisting children in learning. By mixing children of different ages in the classroom, older children develop leadership skills, while the younger children are provided with role models and peer teachers.


Primary Programs:



Primary 5 Full Day__________$625/Month


Primary 3 Full Day__________$520/Month


Primary 2 Full Day__________$425/Month


Primary 5 Half Day__________$460/Month


Primary 3 Half Day__________$345/Month


Primary 2 Half Day__________$280/Month



Optional add-on Packages:


Early Morning Care______$71


Afterschool Package______$210


School Day Package______$60


Ultimate Package______$295


Childcare Hourly Rate______$10/hr


*Pricing is subject to change; please contact our office for most current pricing.

Meet The Teachers

Primary 1

Makenzie 2016 001.jpg

Ms. Makenzie

Sunnie 1 2017 001.jpg

Ms. Sunnie


Quinn 2018 001.jpg

Ms. Quinn

Primary 2

Ms. Heather

Ms. Briar

Ms. Juliana

Primary 3

Tina 2018 001.jpg

Ms. Tina

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