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Meet The Teachers

Discovery of World 


Ms. Shannon
Lead Teacher

Our infant community at Great Lakes Montessori is for babies 6 weeks to 12 months.  Parents may choose full or part time programs. The focus of the infant program is to foster the development of basic trust and to assist the emerging personality by supporting the developing sense of self as a unique and separate individual.  Each child is respected as a total person.  


The Montessori Infant Program is specially designed to help children develop cognitive motor, sensory, language, social, practical life and independence skills.  Fully certified nurturing staff members are experienced with recognizing developmental milestones in order to nurture and support the learning opportunities of each young child. Research indicates that the most important years of human emotional and educational development are the first six years of life.  Physical development and mental development are closely linked during this period and infants respond well to external stimulation which lays the foundation for absorption, concentration and learning.  We are deeply committed to these development principles.  


Within our safe community, infants and waddlers enjoy freedom of movement, discovery, and interaction.  They will develop their gross motor skills as well as build confidence.  As part of the Montessori curriculum, infants explore with art mediums, clap and move along to music and songs, begin lessons that encourage sensory and motor development, and enjoy outdoor time every day that weather permits.


Our warm and loving environment promotes a balance of peaceful comfort and engaging stimulation for our youngest students.  Our loving teachers form close bonds with the children.  Under their care, the children establish a strong sense of security and autonomy, laying a foundation for lifelong learning.


Infancy is a critical opportunity for development, this first stage of life is an extraordinary period of cognitive and emotional growth, brain development, and language acquisition.  We ask that you please come visit our facilities and experience why a Montessori environment is the best option for your child.  Quality care and positive experiences are investments into your child’s life that will last a lifetime.


Ms.Teona Assistant Teacher

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