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A church, a parent, and a teacher with a common desire to have a Christian school with educational excellence, all came together to form our school in the summer of 2004.

Mrs. Marcella O'Connell


How Long Have You Worked At GLM?

15.5 years

Favorite Part about working at GLM?:

Working with children, parents and staff. I love being able and having my staff make a difference in children's lives. I love all the potential we have and strive to accomplish! I love coming to work every day!

Why do you love Montessori education?:

It is the most respectful form of education for children. In Montessori follow the child and direct them to accomplish new things. We help with the building of confidence and self-esteem. We represent so many awesome things!

Are You Certified?:

Yes ADMTEI 3-6

What Classroom do you work in?


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