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A church, a parent, and a teacher with a common desire to have a Christian school with educational excellence, all came together to form our school in the summer of 2004.

JoAnna Angelo

JoAnna 2018 001.jpg

How Long Have You Worked At GLM?

5 Months

Favorite Part about working at GLM?:

The children. I love seeing the looks on their faces when they've been trying so hard to do something and finally figure out how. I love that the children can learn at their own pace in a way that caters to them.

Why do you love Montessori education?:

It gives the children a chance to be their own person they can learn at their own pace in the learning style that they choose. They are being taught to be capable beings.

Are You Certified?:

I am not certified.

What Classroom do you work in?

Infant room.

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