These programs are for new students 2.5 to 4 years of age who are beginning the transition from home to school.  In this program the children are ready to begin exploring the world of Montessori, however many may not be socially or academically ready for an academic based Montessori Program.  The students will be introduced to their first lessons, socialization and a variety of practical life activities.    Children will have constructive play time, snacks and outdoor time, but they will have the opportunity to continue working with Montessori materials, all under the guidance of certified Montessori teachers.  Lessons and projects will include some of the children’s favorite subjects including science, art, music, dramatic play, sensorial, math and language.  These programs will help the children develop their concentration, coordination, confidence, order and independence.  Emphasis will be placed on learning the ground rules, socialization skills, conflict resolution skills, cooperative play, care of self and respect for others and their environment.


Pre-Primary Programs


Pre-Primary 5 Full Day__________$995/Month


Pre-Primary 3 Full Day__________$850/Month


Pre-Primary 2 Full Day__________$675/Month


Pre-Primary 5 Half Day__________$715/Month


Pre-Primary 3 Half Day__________$570/Month


Pre-Primary 2 Half Day__________$440/Month


*Pricing is subject to change; please contact our office for most current pricing.

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Ms. Lauren

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Ms. Andrea

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