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Ms. Shirani

Spanish Teacher

How Long Have You Worked At GLM? 2 years

Favorite Part about working at GLM?:
I love what I do! I love teaching Spanish! I love the overall atmosphere of the school. The teamwork is amazing!  

Why do you love Montessori education?:
I love the fact that it is child focused learning. Every child learns at his/her own pace. The children learn practical concepts and skills that other schools do not teach. 

Hobbies:I play piano. I am learning guitar, I love drawing, painting, and I am learning Portuguese. 

What do I enjoy the most?:

I enjoy and I'm thrilled when my students start to understand what I am teaching them in Spanish. Especially when it "clicks" in their minds. I feel excited about that! It makes me feel PROUD to be their teacher! 

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